Sixth graders learn how to build a computer

While most high school students spend their free time playing on their computers, Harrison Central High School senior Blake Martin is building it.

It all started in sixth grade when his uncle taught him about the parts of a computer. He was 12-years-old when he built his very own. Now five years later, Blake Martin is creating a window of opportunity for the young students who sit in the very seats he once did at Three Rivers Elementary. “I know that there’s like a lack of computer education in Mississippi, especially here on the Coast, not a lot of people emphasize it. My uncle was such a huge role model for me in this field. I know that some of these students might not have that kind of role model, so I just wanted to come back and be that model for them.”

Earlier this year, Blake contacted his former fourth grade gifted teacher, Heather Marr, asking if he could show her students a little bit about computer science. After getting approval, they came up with a plan. “He’s gonna be bringing in brand new equipment that he brought for this project and he’s gonna teach the sixth grade. This is their project. He’s gonna meet with them once a week for about eight to nine weeks and then at the end of the project he’s gonna donate the computer to the classroom for the kids,” said Marr.

Blake’s teaching the students all about computer parts and how to piece a computer together. He even started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the project. So far, he’s raised $650 of his $1,000 goal. “I started in January. My step-dad thought it would be really neat. He brought the idea to me. He was like ‘you should do something in your community’ and I was like ‘well, let me find what I’m passionate about and try to give back to them with my passions.”

“It’s exciting to me and it’s even more exciting that he was my student in fourth grade gifted. And in gifted, students get the opportunity to research what is their passion and this is his passion and I’m just excited that he’s sharing it with my students,” said Marr.

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