Six students suspended after 8th grader found on campus with a gun

Gulfport School District has suspended six students from Gulfport Central Middle School after further investigation of an on campus incident yesterday involving a weapon, the district said in a press release this morning.

“Our investigation determined that their purpose was to film a video to distribute on social media.”

Gulfport School District confirmed Wednesday that a student was reported to have a gun on campus after several students witnessed the 8th grader in a bathroom videotaping himself with the weapon.

Students reported the incident and the student with the weapon was found by the school resource officer and the weapon taken from him.

Gulfport School District said in a press release that “We are legally unable to discuss individual student discipline. Having completed our investigation, we are following our disciplinary policy regarding individual student participation in this incident.”

The Gulfport School District wishes to praise the students of Gulfport Central Middle School and several parents for their immediate reaction and notification of school administration.

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