Singing River Retirees Upset Over New Rules

Cynthia Almond is a Singing River Retiree fighting for her pension. Confused and frustrated retirees have always turned to the Jackson County Board of Supervisors for answers, until today they cracked down on their rules for public comment.
"In the past, we’ve been able to ask questions, we’ve been able to banter things back and forth with them, and kind of get some of our frustration out and it’s not necessarily that we’re taking it out on them, it’s just that they’re the only ones that we have to talk to”, said Cynthia Almond.
Today, before the public was allowed to comment, Board President Barry Cumbest stated that they would not allow or answer questions during the public comment.
"It’s kind of gotten out of hand lately, kind of gotten way outside the bounds where they should be. We’ve had people asking a lot of questions. A lot of them are legal questions that don’t need to be discussed in there with all the litigation coming up”, said Cumbest.
The board of supervisors is not legally obligated to answer any questions, but the retirees feel that that was their only chance of getting any answers.
"We don’t have any other place to speak except here, so I’m very disappointed in the board of supervisors for Jackson County. I thought they cared about us more than what they’ve displayed today in this meeting”, said Almond.
"I’m personally willing to meet with them if they need to meet with someone and voice concerns if they have valid evidence that they think may impact this whole issue. I’m more than happy to talk with them and we can pursue that that way”, said Supervisor Troy Ross.
Just last week, the health system announced they cut fourteen jobs to try to offset losses of nearly 5 million dollars this fiscal year.

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