Singing River Health System Update

Tensions were high as Singing River Health System retirees waited to hear Today’s much anticipated report- a report that didn’t live up to their expectations.
“Our board of supervisors is limited as to their scope of information. That’s what I find frustrating, as well as the other retirees sitting in that room,” said Gail Smith.
The report outlined a contribution schedule going out to the year 2074, an interest in conservative, safe investing, fairness among retirees and current employees, as well as a concern for where the money for their benefits would be coming from. The board members say there is still work to be done, but the hospital has been helpful.
“I’ve actually been surprised, they’ve been very forthcoming, we’ve had some meeting with them and they haven’t held back any numbers as far as we can tell. We ask them questions, they give us direct answers,” said Barry Cumbest.
But some at today’s meeting say they have first- hand knowledge that numbers released by the hospital have been altered. “It’s not accurate,” said Gail Smith, “it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out when you’re looking at the actual numbers, and you start calculating them, it doesn’t add up.”
“I believe the hospital is on the right path, I believe we can consolidate some things streamline the hospital, make sure the duplication of services is reduced as much as possible. We’ll have a hospital that’s sustainable, a retirement plan that’s sustainable, and a county ready to move forward,” said Troy Ross.
Board attorney Bill Guice says the second part of the report should be ready in 2 or 3 weeks.
The current agreement between the Board and Singing River Health System expires June 15th, but an extension is expected.

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