Singing River Health System retiree case to Supreme Court

The Singing River Health Systems retirement fund case is taking a big leap forward now that a petition has been filed in U.S. Supreme Court.
Kitty Aguilar thought she’d rest when she retired after thirty years at Singing River Hospital. Instead she is fighting for the money promised in a pension plan that failed, one of over three thousand retirees feeling cheated by Singing River Health Systems. “It’s been horrible. When I got ready to retire in 2014, I thought I had a full pension for life. A month later, I find out we’ve been shorted.”
Hundreds of the retirees are now asking the Supreme Court to look at the case following the petition filed Tuesday morning. SRHS retirees tell News 25 annual benefit reports mailed from the hospital system showed funds that were never deposited. Retiree Brenda Eiland said, “We’re here to seek justice. We don’t think whoever is over our money should be wasting our money.”
Pascagoula Attorney Harvey Barton is one of the lawyers helping the case move forward. “There’s no question that mail fraud was committed. Somebody should be prosecuted on this case because crimes were committed and nobody is doing anything.”
Barton hopes the Supreme Court decides Jackson County should make up for the money these retirees deserve. “They’re paying $155 million over 35 years. This plan is going to be broke the next ten years and these pensioners are going to be left without a retirement fund.”
If the Supreme Court does not act before January 22nd, the case will have a hearing in federal court. Meanwhile, these retirees have a petition to gain support on “I know a lot of these people we just have to have our retirement money. Some of us won’t make it without it,” said Eiland.

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