Singing River Health explains when to get COVID testing after exposure

Singing River Health System explains when individuals should get tested for COVID-19 after they’ve been exposed.

According to the director of primary care just because you have been in close proximity with someone that tested positive doesn’t mean you need to instantly get tested.

Unless you’re living with that person and in that case, you’re at higher risk and need to self-quarantine.

Because of the number of testing supplies they have, Singing River is encouraging individuals to wait to test until they have symptoms which could take anywhere from 3 to 10 days after exposure.

This is the protocol they recommend for employers when a worker catches the virus. Singing River Health System Director Jason Ely said, “If you have someone there that tested positive, you need to send that person home. Make sure everyone wears a mask. Make sure everyone is socially distanced and make sure every employee self-tests.”

Getting tested too soon without signs and symptoms could generate a false negative and give you a false sense of security, leading to more spreading of the virus.

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