Singing River distribute thousands of COVID-19 vaccines

Singing River Health Services staff has distributed thousands of vaccines to Gulf Coast residents in the month.

Today, that number increased by the minute as people filed into the Jackson County Fair Grounds in Pascagoula, waiting to receive their first or second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

About a 1000 of each dose was distributed Tuesday, bringing the total number of distributions to over 16,000.

Officials with Singing River says spirits are high. Director of Primary Care Jason Ely said, “Everyone coming through here is thanking us. They’re bringing us gifts and by gifts, I mean little snacks and food. We’re actually doing something for the public that they are really appreciative of.”

Clinical Pharmacist Chris Ayers said, “I think they’re just grateful to finally have hope. It’s been a long 11 months for everyone. To finally have possibly the beginning of the end has brought a lot of hope. For our staff, we have seen the sickest of the sick and unfortunately some that don’t make it. Now, we’re able to do this with the community and hopefully bring an end to this.”

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