Singing River Board Member Removed

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors voted to remove Clarence Dubose from the Singing River Hospital System’s Board of Trustees.
Supervisor Melton Harris appointed Dubose because of his experiences owning a local pharmacy and hospice service in Moss Point. However, the Singing River board and four of the board of supervisors believed his personal medical practices caused a conflict of interest with the appointed position.
Harris believes this removal is a race issue, because his last appointee was also black and she was removed from the position as well.
“They’re claiming that he is in direct competition against them. That is the equivalent of saying you have a kid, a black female or male, selling Band-Aids and 41 milligram aspirins is in direct conflict with them,” said Harris.
Dubose said, “When they have their fear of something different, they become a little concerned and I think I was a little more different than the average person that has sat in that chair as a trustee.”
Harris was the only supervisor who voted to keep Dubose on the Singing River Board of Trustees.

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