Singing for greater glory

He was a professional gambler and she was a showgirl, now she’s singing not for herself, but for greater glory and both are living their lives in line with a greater power.

News 25’s Toni Miles takes us behind the scene with Nick and Linda Machi who share their compelling life stories and their journey along the road to redemption.

Linda Machi is a star in her own right, but this Gulfport based singer would never tell you that. Life has been a winding road for sure, her angelic voice carrying her from center stage at a Las Vegas casino show to the national spotlight on TBN, a Christian based television network.

Then there’s the love story that unfolded the day this former showgirl met Nick Machi, a former professional gambler, at a Vegas pool. “I was doing the showrooms at that time. I met this beautiful man, as beautiful on the inside as out. God just meshed us together. I just knew he was for me.”

Nick said, “It’s been a fantastic marriage. We’ve been married 38 years and it doesn’t feel like we’ve been married a year.”

But time has marched on, it was nearly four decades ago when Nick and Linda took the plunge after meeting alongside that Vegas pool and started traveling on a new road together, a road they call redemption.

The couple travel around the world singing and sharing their story and the lessons they’ve learned five albums and hundreds of thousands of miles later. “When I tried to take control and charge, it really didn’t work too good. Faith in the Lord, that’s really what turned me around and the love of people,” said Linda.

Nick said, “The old song  Frank Sinatra did, “I Did It My Way,” I tell you what, that doesn’t work with God. You’re going to do it God’s way, or else He’s going to show you that it’s not your way.”

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