Singer Lance Bass on House Bill 1523

Singer and actor Lance Bass, a Mississippi native, is speaking out against the Religious Accommodations Act that has become law in his home state. Jessica Bowman caught up with him while he was in Clinton helping promote healthy living.
“It’s not about religious freedom. Unfortunately, it’s about hate.” Singer, actor and Clinton native Lance Bass is referring to the highly controversial House Bill 1523. “’Cause if it was about marriage then the people complaining wouldn’t serve Jewish people, Muslim people, divorced people and that’s not part of it. It’s all against one group of people and that’s discrimination,” said Bass.
Bass was in his hometown helping students from Clinton’s Eastside Elementary School, where he was once a student, plant an organic garden and learn more about a healthier Mississippi.
Since Governor Bryant signed the Religious Accommodations Act, Bass has been outspoken about the progression. He believes a healthier Mississippi not only comes with bearing fruit, but the fruit of the spirit within. “You say religious freedom, of course. I mean, I want my religious freedom, but a lot of people don’t have the time to understand exactly what that bill is doing and it’s just discrimination. I will never stand for discrimination. You know, we come from a state where discrimination was so terrible and we’re going backwards. We don’t need laws to tell me who I want to serve. You know, use that opportunity to witness someone. That’s what Jesus would do,” said Bass.

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