Shuckers Michael Reed and Father Benton Talk Baseball Memories

Father’s Day is just two days away and on Sunday, the Biloxi Shuckers will let dads and their kids throw around the ball on the field prior to the game, with fireworks after the last out.
News 25’s Katarina Luketich caught up with a Shuckers father/son pair, who reflects on some of their favorite baseball memories together.
Right fielder Michael Reed was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in 2011, a day his father, Benton, will never forget.
“Thought he was going to go early, and then he was picked in the fifth round and when he got the call, it was like he was drafted 1, which was all I cared about was him being excited about it”, said Benton Reed.
No stranger to a professional draft himself, Benton Reed was drafted by the Tampa Bay Bucs in 1986 NFL Draft, experience son Michael says was crucial in his own professional start: “That part of it really helped me out when I was going through the draft process. But his support has been…he’s my hero.”
And while Michael being drafted to the MLB is one of Benton Reed’s favorite memories, Michaels’ comes at an earlier time, something he tells News 25 he’ll always remember is traveling to Cooperstown with his dad to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. “It was a wonderful experience as a 12 year old boy to be able to go to the hall of fame with my dad, of course as a little boy, it was very eye opening,” said Michael.
Benton and Michael still have a close relationship and Benton, who lives in Texas, travels to see Michael play often. He says one of the things he enjoys most is how their relationship has shifted over the years: “What’s interesting is going from I had to teach him stuff to now where he shows me and tells me about things. Because I’m a student of the game and I like know, ‘okay, why do you do certain things?’ and now he teaches me, which is kind of cool.”
Benton Reed plans on traveling to Montgomery next week to watch Michael play in the Southern League All Star Game, something that may turn into another favorite memory of his.

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