Shuckers End Regular Season

The Biloxi Shuckers started this season with no home and on a two and a half month road trip. Not long after finally finding their home at MGM Park, the Shuckers became first half season champions and clinched a playoff berth. Today’s double header may be the end of a long regular season, but fans and team officials hope it’s the beginning of something great.
Coast native Justin Edwards takes a seat to watch the game he loves. Edwards has spent most of his life playing on the diamond and is now a baseball coach at Gulfport High. He’s just as enthusiastic cheering for the Shuckers with his girlfriend and her family. “I love this baseball. You know Double A is a really high level of baseball and we just really enjoy coming out,” said Edwards.
Edwards and his girlfriend, Allison Cross, have cheered on the Shuckers at nearly 20 games at MGM Park. “It’s been awesome learning about the game from Justin. That’s why I really love coming to the game and I really love the atmosphere,” said Cross.
An atmosphere Shucker’s General Manager Buck Rogers says not only gets the fans going, but gets the team pumped to play at MGM Park. “It all thrives on the fans. The fans come out and electrify the ballpark. The players get all fired up when they come out and see a crowd that’s really fired up and getting into it. So, the fans set the precedent of what’s going to happen on the field.”
While the Shuckers’ season is coming to a close, team officials and fans say that once the offseason is over, they’ll be ready to dust off their old Shuckers’ gear, grab their glove and get right back in the game. “We’ll be back next year and do the same thing. We’ll pretty much be here any night that we can,” said Edwards, “It’s a lot of fun. I love the atmosphere. I love what they’ve done here, so we’ll definitely be back next year.”
Unlike this year, next year the Shuckers’ staff will also be able to fully promote the team. “I got a staff that’s chomping at the bit to light up the promotional schedule right now,” said Rogers.

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