Shrimp season opens in South Mississippi

And some seasoned South Mississippi fishermen were out trawling the waters of the Mississippi Sound today on the first day of shrimp season.

The season opened this morning at 6 a.m. News 25 managed to catch up with a few fishermen on their shrimp boats at the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor behind the Hard Rock Casino earlier today after they returned from trawling for shrimp.

The fishermen we spoke to say the shrimp they caught were smaller than what they had hoped for, but that didn’t stop people from near and far away heading out to the docks to buy fresh shrimp right off the boat. They tell News 25 they were pleased with what they saw. Shrimp buyer Michael Santobianco said, “The catch looks great, little brown shrimp, 50-60’s which is normal this time of the year. Good eating, though. That’s the tastiest shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico.”

According to the Department of Marine Resources initial numbers, there were 71 boats out trawling for shrimp this morning.

The shrimp hauled into the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor sold out quickly this morning.

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