Shrimp boats in trouble after Hurricane Nate

Many boats here on the Coast were overturned from the strong winds during Hurricane Nate. Shrimpers that depend on their boats to make a living hope their damaged vessels can be repaired.
Hopefully it won’t be the last time at dock for the “One Time” shrimp boat in Pascagoula. Shrimper Patricia Moore says if the damage done to her boat from Hurricane Nate isn’t repaired, it could sink One Time Shrimping’s entire family business. “Devastation, just devastation, yeah, our business will be gone.”
Moore’s boat was one of the vessels overturned from the strong winds of Hurricane Nate Saturday night. Crews were helping boat owners move their vessels Monday afternoon. As a barge made its way to lift the boats, members of the U.S. Coast Guard were standing by making sure oil didn’t seep into the water. U.S. Coast Guard Marine Science Technician Third Class Shelly Turner said, “Condition of the boats right now is what is most concerning. There is a piling that’s stuck in one of the boats right here so we’re going to make sure that it hopefully hasn’t punctured the fuel tank.”
Moore lives in Wade, Mississippi and wasn’t able to prepare her boat before Hurricane Nate tore through Jackson County. Neighbors tell News 25 a water spout ripped through Pascagoula and left shrimpers whose boats are damaged in a pile of trouble. “We’re not sure if the damage from the boat is through the hole, the bottom of the boat or just the side of the boat. Hopefully it’s just the side,” said Moore.
One Time Shrimping has been a family business for around 30 years, but this boat does have a chance of making it. It all depends on the level of damage done from the storm. “I’m hoping that after they pick up this other boat that they’ll be able to salvage ours, put it on the other dock, and we’ll be able to take it over to the dry dock and get it repaired,” said Moore.
Moore says shrimping is her only source of income. “We’re just keeping our fingers crossed and praying a lot that God is going to take care of us, which he is.”

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