Short term rentals in Biloxi

The Biloxi Planning Commission and the Biloxi Board of Zoning Adjustments held a meeting to discuss more short term rental applications.

The commission approved considering a zoning change from a multi-family zone to single family residential zone for land identified as 398 Rosalie Maria Drive. A zoning change for 1805 Irish Hill Drive and 183 McDonnell Avenue will be decided at a later date.

An overlay district zone for the redevelopment for downtown Howard Avenue was also approved.

Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich encourages developers to design buildings to be historically authentic to the city.

Biloxi Special Council Gerald Blessey said, “It’s more of a community gathering place again. If you have a fall festival or a spring festival, it’s an exciting opportunity to recreate more of a pedestrian friendly on a human scale kind of day to day living, not necessarily big events, but everyday events.”

Blessey tells News 25 revamping downtown Biloxi will reignite the community spirit, making Howard Avenue a gathering place just like old times.

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