Shooting on West David Drive in Gulfport

A shooting occurred in Gulfport tonight, sending a 28-year-old man to the hospital.
According to the Gulfport Police Department, the shooting occurred around 6:30 this evening on the 2600 block of West David Drive. Officers believe the shooting happened as a result of an altercation that took place between two people.
Some residents tell News 25 they believe from what they saw was two people fighting over money. Neighbor Avery Leshore said, “It was a family issue or whatever. They were fighting and then that’s when it had led to the shooting or whatever. I guess, the dude said, you better get out my face and then that’s when the dude, I guess took it as disrespectful way and he started shooting.”
Sgt. Josh Bromen says the 28-year-old victim is not suffering any life threatening injuries. He says he was shot in the lower abdomen and has been taken to a local hospital for treatment. There is no suspect in custody at the moment.

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