Shooting fireworks for the New Year

Christmas celebrations are transitioning to New Year’s celebrations and that means many residents will be shooting off fireworks next week.

Soon the night sky across South Mississippi will be lit up with fireworks as New Year’s celebrations ring in 2019. Coast residents have already started stocking up on their artillery shells and roman candles and firework experts on the Coast want you to get the most out of your experience. Wilson Fireworks CEO Barbara Wilson said, “We have a couple questions we ask every person. First, we try to figure out what their budget is. Second, we figure out what the age is.”

For Barbara Wilson, she’s been in the business of selling fireworks for over a decade and makes sure all her clients know there is a method to choosing the right firework. “Everybody has a budget and don’t just buy something. Ask about it. Let us teach you. Every one of our five stores, we will teach you everything you want to know within five minutes about firecrackers and what you’re wanting.”

If you’re looking to save a little money you are in luck. “We try to give everyone discounts if they come before the 31st.”

Many head to the beach to shoot fireworks, but it is important to remember without a permit from Harrison County Sand Beach Authority you’re actually breaking the law.  Whether you’re actually heading out of the city limits or ringing in the New Year on the beach, the most important thing experts want you to remember is to be safe and use common sense. “Follow the instructions on the box. A lot of boxes will tell you the proper way to shoot it, the proper way to face it,” said Wilson.

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