Where to shoot fireworks in Harrison County

Fourth of July wouldn’t be the same without fireworks, but of course there’s a time and place for those interested in having your own fireworks display.

According to the ‘Fireworks Ordinance’ of the Harrison County Board of Supervisors, you aren’t allowed to shoot fireworks of any kind within 600 feet of any church, hospital, or school, or within 75 feet of where fireworks are stored or on sale.

Shooting fireworks within the Gulfport city limits is prohibited in general with the exception of the annual Gulfport Fourth of July fireworks show.

Sergeant James Griffin with the Gulfport Police Department says whatever you decided to do make sure you exercise caution. “If you’re going to shoot fireworks we ask that you be safe, be cautious. It’s one of those things where you want your kids to enjoy the festivities as well so make sure you’re monitoring your children while you’re shooting fireworks.”

The restrictions are an effort to secure public health, safety, and general welfare of the residents and property.

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