Ships that fired missiles at Syria were built at Ingalls

It is now confirmed, the missiles fired at Syria last night were launched off ships that were built at Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula.
Two of the war ships sending over 50 Tomahawk missiles at Syria Thursday night were built at Ingalls, according to President of Ingalls Brian Cuccias. The two ships involved were the DDG 71 USS Ross and the DDG 78 USS Porter.
Cuccias tells News 25’s he’s proud our U.S. military can depend on Ingalls employees to build strong enough ships to meet the needs of the country. “To provide an asset that our services can put into play how they need to, either for an offensive or defensive, or just have the capability to do what our Navy needs them to do at times, that’s really rewarding. Our ship builders know what they do is bigger than just coming to work and having a job. It’s really just a patriotic thing. I think our workforce really identifies with it.”
Ingalls Shipyard has christened 30 U.S. destroyers for military use. On Saturday that number becomes 31.

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