Shelters and Rescues Need Foster Families

It’s that time of the year when animal shelters are constantly overcrowded due to an influx of animals.
Rescues lend a helping hand to take over the care of some of the animals in shelters, but even those rescues are starting to get overwhelmed. They are reaching out to the public for help.
Even if you’re not interested in adopting or making a forever commitment, there are still ways for you to pitch in. President of Last Chance First Hope Rescue Devon Forehand said, “Foster, donate, volunteer. You can foster by finding us on Facebook and we’ll send you a foster and a volunteer application. We provide everything you need pretty much down to the food, the litter. It’s all about providing the love and the shelter until they move on or they’re transported out or they find their forever home.”
If you visit any local shelters or rescues, they can also explain how you can foster or volunteer with them.

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