‘Shelter in Place Art Show’ at the Gulfport Fine Arts Galleria

How has quarantine life impacted you and your emotions? Nearly 40 local artists tackled that question by participating in a ‘Shelter in Place’ self-portrait pop up show in Gulfport over the weekend.

Local artists took on COVID-19 and quarantine in a self-portrait pop-up show held at the Gulfport Galleria of Fine Arts over the weekend. Organizer Alicia Overton said, “Back in February, March time frame, we all went through this thing called COVID and I decided how are we going to deal with this as artists and I came up with the idea of doing a self-portrait, which I have never done before. So I put it out there on the internet to all my artist friends and said ‘hey is anyone willing to do a self-portrait? Let’s do a pop up show.’”

Overton says 39 artists responded excitedly to participate in the challenging and unique show.  “There was just an overwhelming response and the artist’s statements that are in this show are so personal and so honest. I think it is great how everyone came out for it. And I think when you go through and read the statements you really see that everyone had a different experience. Not everyone had a hard time with it. For some people, it was good for them.”

Whether happy, sad, mad, confused, or a combination of all, artists illustrated their emotions through their work. Artist Vanda McCormick said, “This is a self-portrait of myself and my pup Remy. He is a mini golden-doodle and he has been a great companion during this pandemic. Art is my life. I’m a retired art teacher of 25 years in Biloxi schools so it is really important for artists to be able to express themselves and show what they feel about what’s going on.”

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