Shelter opens to homeless during rainy weather

As the rainy weather continues, a cold weather shelter is opening its doors to the homeless.
The Salvation Army’s Gulf Coast Area Command Building is where the homeless can stay dry for the next few days in Gulfport. The shelter usually only opens overnight if the temperature goes down to 40 degrees. During the week, the command building is a place where the homeless can shower, wash their clothes, get a hot meal or sit in on a church service.
Salvation Army Sergeant Jerry Casey tells News 25 there’s around 300 homeless people living in tents inside the woods nearby. “We’re going to get rain for more than a day. It floods out the woods. It floods out their tents. They get all wet. Life is hard enough. When we’re going to get weather like this we like to open up the shelter, set it up like this. We have hot food. Feed my Sheep contributes to the hot food.”
Right now, the shelter is very low on food and is in need of non-perishable items. Drop offs can be made to any of the Salvation Army locations on the Coast. This shelter’s address is 2019 22nd Street in downtown Gulfport.

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