Shakeup Coming to Harrison County Board of Supervisors

Tomorrow’s general election will begin the process of replacing at least three open seats for the Harrison County Board of Supervisors. District 1’s Windy Swetman, District 2’s Joe Meadows and District 4’s John Johnson will all be leaving their positions at the beginning of the year. District 3 will also be up for grabs with incumbent Marlin Ladner running against Democrat Cecil Lizana. Board President and District 5 Supervisor Connie Rockco is running unopposed.
“If the election turns as out as expected, I will be very excited about the new board,” said Rockco, “It really helps to have new blood. You have the old timers like us and myself that know the history but the new people that have that new energy and excitement about it. It brings vitality to the board to make it more effective.”
Polls open at 7 tomorrow and close at 7 tomorrow night.

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