Severe weather damage in Ocean Springs

The Parktown East neighborhood in Ocean Springs also suffered damage from severe weather. In these tough times, it’s good to have someone to lean on.

Imagine trying to get a good night’s sleep and then all of a sudden you find yourself waking up your loved ones to brace for a potential tornado. Ocean Springs resident Lynn Freeman said, “First thing I did was I got my son and my wife and we went in the bathroom. I think I came outside and of course I see a tree on my truck.”

Or you could be Robert Townsend, looking on as the severe weather starts to rearrange objects in the neighborhood. “I actually heard the trees at Lynn’s house across the street start cracking. I went outside to check to see what was going on and it was just chaotic.”

After the storm ran its course on the Parktown East subdivision, it was time for the neighborhood to do what they do best. “Burt, my neighbor, he blew off the whole cul-de-sac, helped this guy, his yard, came over here and helped me with my yard,” said Freeman.

Townsend said, “We’ve just been working to get everything back to normal. We got some damaged houses and trees down, but everybody is alright.”

After everything they’ve been through from the severe weather this morning to the cleaning process, the residents in this neighborhood knew that they could always count on each other. Resident Jonathan Freeman said, “It makes me feel really happy that if something bad happens, at least one of them or all of them will come to help in any time of need.”

“We all help out,” said Townsend. “When something goes wrong, everybody chips in and does what they can to make everything work. So, we pitched in. Everybody got it done. We did a good job.”

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