Severe Weather Awareness Week

It’s Severe Weather Awareness Week in Mississippi. Here on the Gulf Coast we have our fair share of crazy weather.

Captain John Marr said, “As I was coming off Highway 605 on to 67 on the off ramp, I lost visibility. The rain and debris was blowing and I just happened to be on the road when it went over and I didn’t really know it was a tornado at the time, but later we went back and looked at the damage. I was just blessed I was there when it happened.”

It was a terrifying experience for Harrison County Sheriff’s Department Captain John Marr as he drove through bad weather near St. Patrick High School in November 2018, turns out it was a tornado. “I was pretty nervous because when you lose visibility when you are driving it is not a good thing and then the wind, the wind was pretty strong and shaking the vehicle.”

If you are outside during a tornado and can’t get into a building, officials suggest that you lie flat on the ground, face down with your hands behind your head to protect yourself. You also need to get as far as you can from trees and cars because they can be blown onto you during a tornado. If you are inside during a tornado, take shelter inside a small interior ground floor room and stay away from windows, outside walls, and doors.

Harrison County EMA Deputy Director Matt Stratton said, “The March/April/May time frame is the time we are most likely to have severe weather in Mississippi.”

Harrison County EMA’s job is to keep the public informed and on alert as deadly weather forms and heads towards an area. The rest is up to us, to be ready and have a plan in place when severe weather strikes. “People need to understand where the safest place is that is closest to them whether that is at their work place or in their home, finding a safe room and then having a plan to get people to that location quickly because there often is not a lot of time when that warning is put out, you need to get to that safe place as quickly as possible.”

To stay up to date while on the go, even at night while you’re asleep, download WXXV’s free Weather Authority app to keep you and your family updated 24 hours a day on severe weather and the extended forecast.

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