Several homes suffer damage after severe weather rolls through the Coast

South Mississippi saw a line of severe storms early this afternoon.

Several homes off Krohn Lane in Biloxi received substantial damage including a shed that belonged to the Harris household. Their truck was also hit by a fallen limb. The family has lived in this house since 2001 and this storm is a first. Ruth Harris said, “We’ve been through hurricanes, but nothing like this. I was on my computer and all of a sudden I heard a lot of noise. I thought it was hailing big chunks of hail, but it was the trees coming down I think.”

Their neighbor, 12-year-old Kaden Allen, was home alone when this storm started ripping through their neighborhood. “I didn’t hear it and didn’t get any warning. Then the front door came open when it was unlocked, which is crazy, about 80 percent of the fence was gone. Then I came outside and saw there were trees everywhere, there was a fire.”

Kaden called 911 and his mother, Jonica, after the horrifying experience. “He called me and couldn’t even tell me a sentence. He kept saying ‘mom, mom, mom, the storm. The tornado.’ So immediately I knew something happened and came home.”

The neighbors weren’t harmed during the storm although a fallen limb punctured the roof of the Allen family home. “I’m overwhelmed. There’s a lot of damage done to the house, but hopefully we’ll be alright. We have a place to stay.”

There is also significant damage to four houses on Old Highway 15 in Biloxi. As of now, the damage is said to be caused by straight line winds. Resident of 14 years Duane Olsen suffered house damage. He says that he has never experienced a storm like this. “I had some friends call me and tell me that we had some structural damage to the house. We were fortunate to only have roof damage.”

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