Setting the table for Biloxi Community/ Farmer’s Market Festival

They are setting up and setting the table for the Biloxi Community/ Farmer’s Market Festival which is just a few days way and the restart of the Downtown Community Market Festival series put on by Biloxi Main Street and the City of Biloxi.

There’s no shortage of succulent, home-grown goods at the Biloxi Farmer’s Market with a little something for everyone’s palate, clearly seen each Tuesday and Thursday at the Farmers Market grounds. City of Biloxi Downtown Services Manager Kay Miller said, “The Farmers Market has lots of great fresh vegetables and honey and plants and all sorts of things like that.”

Later this week, they’ll be stepping it up a notch as they roll out and continue the Downtown Biloxi Community Market Festival series through Thursday’s Biloxi Farmers Market Festival perched at the corner of Hopkins Boulevard and Howard Avenue. “The festival is something extra and special that we do. The September and October Farmers Markets we’ve been doing for several years.”

It’s been several months, due to COVID, since they’ve held the Biloxi Farmers Festival and event organizers say they can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. “Hopefully, the weather’s going to cooperate with us. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. It’s just going to be a very fun morning. We’re so excited to start back. We’ll socially distance. We’ve got music we’re bringing in with Colin Lockey. We’ll have a food truck, Denny Wayne’s Food Truck, and lots of outdoor prizes and lots of cool vendors.”

Something for everyone’s palate, but it’s also a two-way street for those on both sides of the table. “To help our locals and mom-and-pops businesses, these people at the Farmers Market depend on this as their livelihood; to keep things going, so all the local support to help these folks going is very much appreciated.”

Thursday’s festival runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Another one is scheduled for October 29th.

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