Setting the stage for VIPs at the Coast Coliseum

The Coast Coliseum is setting the stage for VIPs and as News 25’s Toni Miles explains you could be one of them come December.

The Coast Coliseum has already played host to the president and now they’re setting the stage to further expand the VIP experience, available to anyone attending an event here in December. Executive Director Matt McDonnell said, “What you see behind me used to be the old SeaWolves and Mississippi Surge locker room and front offices, and now it’s going to be turned into a very high-end VIP gathering area when we are able to come back in and do major events at the arena.”

“In the front area, we’ll have a portable bar, some furnishings. We’ll have some photographs of sporting events that have taken place here over the years at the Coliseum. We opened in 1977. You name it, we’ve done it. There will be a lot of memorabilia here from events that took place here.”

Work on the VIP area is now underway, just weeks after installing new rigging in the Coliseum roof, better equipping the facility to meet the needs of high quality shows. They continue to raise the bar with this new area which will offer high-end drinks and food, along with other perks to up to 200 people when done and access will be available to anyone attending an event at the Coliseum. “It’s a higher end guest experience area for people who don’t mind paying for that experience. We are calling it the Locker Room because that’s what it was.”

Also part of the project is a canopy that will be built, giving VIP guests direct access and protecting people from inclement weather. “So if you’re dropped off in inclement weather, you’ll be able to come into a private entrance into the arena and then the private entrance into the hospitality area.”

McDonnell says this upgrade will also level the competitive playing field for the Coast Coliseum. “Most of your arenas that were built in the early 2000’s and since then have these types of amenities, and for us to be competitive, we, too, have to offer these guest experiences. That was the method behind the madness, and now it’s become a reality.”

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