Senior Center volunteers sewing masks, gowns for health care workers

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the nation, one Harrison County senior center is lending a helping hand by sewing masks and gowns for some Harrison County medical centers.

Woolmarket Prime of Life Center Director Janet Meaut and a small number of the center’s volunteers have been meeting regularly to sew the items after the center was temporarily closed to the public by the Harrison County Board of Supervisors to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

“After the center was closed, Shane Walker of St Joseph Hospice called and asked if I could get a group together to sew some masks,” Meaut said. “I have three volunteers doing it with me and we are using the social distancing guidelines when we are all in a room together. We started making the masks for St. Joseph and then we started making some for Memorial Hospital. We have made more than 150 masks, so far.”

Memorial Hospital spokeswoman Angie Juzang said the donated masks provide an extra level of protection for health care workers at the hospital.

“We have received some and they are lovely! We prefer this template because it covers the N95s (masks) and because cloth masks are not approved for use by employees as a stand-alone, they are great as an additional layer of protection.”

Meaut said the group has decided to not only make masks but gowns, as well.

“We started taking the machines home and we are sewing from home,” she said. “One of the members, Isabel Rice, of the group has been sewing gowns because she has a pattern. We are honored that we can help people during this difficult time.  It’s a very good feeling. We’re doing it because we want to help and provide these things for those that need them.”

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