Senator Roger Wicker Visits the Coast

The legislative session here in Mississippi may be over, but our representatives over in Washington are still working hard.
Today Senator Roger Wicker was on the coast speaking to the Gulf Coast Business Council, who presented Senator Roger Wicker with a plaque thanking him for fighting to keep the C-130 Js in Biloxi.
Senator Wicker said, “We don’t have to get on a slippery slope of losing our flying mission. We train a lot of folks that go all over the Air Force, but we need to keep a flying mission and that’s the hurricane hunters and that’s the C-130 Js.”
And while the Flying Jennies defend our skies, war ships built in Pascagoula defend our seas. In a provision to this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, $199 million will go toward building another amphibious assault ship at Ingalls. And from the open blue to the Universe, we know nothing goes into Outer Space without first passing through Stennis Space Center. The federal government is looking to expand NASA facilities for future commercial space licensing activities.
Senator Wicker tells News 25 the coast has a lot to offer our nation and he as well as the rest of the representatives will continue to protect and strengthen the Magnolia State’s assets.

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