More sections of Harrison County beach reopen

The Harrison County Board of Supervisors has announced the reopening of more sections of sand beach in the county as crews work to clean up debris left behind from Cristobal.

A section of beach from Jones Park to Thornton Avenue in Gulfport opened, along with a stretch from Debuys Road to Briarfield Avenue in Biloxi reopened today.

Yesterday, the county was able to reopen a segment of beach from Oak Street to Porter Avenue in Biloxi as well as they continue to work in phases.

Beachgoers like Louisiana native Pennie Kliebert aren’t letting the after effects of Cristobal get in the way of their time in the sun. “Well before, the beaches were white sandy beaches and now they have all the debris here. But we’ve noticed that they’ve been cleaning up and we have a mound of seaweed slash debris on the side right there. But it’s good, like we’re enjoying the sun. It feels great out here. And we have our music playing, so life is good.”

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