Secretary of State’s Office encourages Mississippians to complete the census

It’s Census Day and the Secretary of State’s Office wants Mississippians to step up and be counted.

Completing the census generates federal funding to contribute to infrastructure, healthcare, education, and other areas that impact our daily lives.

Shortly after the 2010 census, a statistic was released showing 265,000 Mississippians didn’t respond.

Secretary of State Michael Watson says it is imperative that residents do their part. “Mississippi is leading the southeast with over 34 percent completed now. Mississippi is doing a great job as is, but I encourage them to continue to do so. Not only them, not only you who are watching this, but also encourage your neighbor, friends and family members, folks you attend church with, your business associates. Please tell everybody the importance of the census to make sure they complete their count and Mississippi is impacted for years to come.”

You can complete the census through email, over the phone, or online. For more information visit

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