Secretary of Navy visits Ingalls Shipyard

The 76th secretary of the United States Navy says he’s very impressed with the work being done at Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula. The new Navy secretary was on the Coast today, touring a recently built war ship with government officials.
The Portland LPD 27 will soon leave to defend our nation. Right now, the newly sculpted military vessel is docked in front of ten others recently built in its class at Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula. The ship received a special visit, welcoming aboard the new Secretary of the United States Navy Richard V. Spencer. “It truly is humbling to come down here and walk amongst these great pieces of steel that keep our way of life the way it is.”
A line of sailors stood tall as the secretary of the Navy shook hands after touring the ship along with Governor Phil Bryant and Congressman Steven Palazzo. The honorable Richard V. Spencer tells News 25 the effort behind building a Navy vessel like the Portland LPD 27 is what ties our nation’s defense together, that work taking place every day here at Ingalls. “It’s an amazing shipyard in the size, breath, depth, and talent that’s here. The workforce is one of the key elements that makes it a critical part of the Navy infrastructure,” said Spencer.
Congressman Steven Palazzo thanked Governor Bryant for the investment to keep production at Ingalls sailing forward. “Over $200 million of the $700 million infrastructure construction project that’s taking place so that we can continue to build the greatest ships for the greatest Navy and Marine Corps.”
At the end of the visit, it was clear the secretary of the Navy stands behind the work Huntington Ingalls is doing to keep producing top quality ships our country can depend on. “Just watching the workforce is really exciting. They do an amazing job here,” said Spencer.

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