Second rare dolphin species rescued in Gulf

For the second time this month, the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport is rehabilitating a rare dolphin species to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Just last week, a rough-toothed dolphin was rescued in Biloxi and now a pantropical spotted dolphin is in the recovery process as well.

This dolphin was stranded near Theodore, Alabama when the Dauphin Island Sea Lab responded. The animal was transported to IMMS on Tuesday night where veterinarians are treating the animal with fluids and antibiotics.

Two experts on this rehab tell News 25 the process of recovery and how these rare species affect the facility. Dr. Alissa Demming said, “She’s still in very critical condition. I’m really surprise she’s made it past her 48 hour mark. We’re coming right up to it. On her transport she was very critical at times, we thought that she wasn’t even going to make the transport. She received a number of medications in order to get her through that.”

Dr. Debra Moore said, “Well for our facility we’ve never had either of these species here at our facility. We’re learning a lot about them. She’s being treated like emergency care.”

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