Second Bomb Threat this Week at St. Martin Middle School

For the second day in a row, there was a bomb threat at St. Martin Middle School. A $500 reward for information leading to an arrest has now been offered.
Students, parents and school staff are left wondering what’s next. News 25’s Gina Tomlinson has our report from Jackson County.
Hearing word of another bomb threat at St. Martin Middle School, Patricia Miller rushed up to the school to pick up her sixth grade son Damen. “Panic sets in, I guess, being the second time this has happened.”
Two bomb threats in two days at St. Martin Middle School, Jackson County authorities believe the same person is responsible for both threats.
After a threatening note was left in a bathroom, teachers closed doors, shut off the lights and told the kids to stay in the classroom. “I was scared,” said Damen, “I think they found a note in the bathroom about a bomb threat.”
St. Martin Middle School remained on lock down until the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, with the help of a bomb sniffing dog, checked out every building.
Miller says after two threats in a row, she’s questioning the safety at her son’s school. “They need to invest in some cameras from what I’m hearing and maybe find out what is really going on. Whether if it is a student or whoever is going into the bathrooms, they need to somehow focus on that.”
Glenda Pryor, a worker who was in the school when the lock down happened, tells News 25 the school handled the situation very well and she thinks parents have no reason to worry. “They have got it under control, everything went smoothly today. There was no confusion.”
Crime Stoppers is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever is behind the bomb threats. Lori Ramsay Massey with Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers said, “We’re hoping that it’s a student pulling a really stupid prank, but you always have to take it serious and I think the school district does a good job with that.”

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