Second annual Ugly Tie Fest held this weekend

To celebrate Father’s Day, the City of Gulfport held the second annual Ugly Tie Festival over the weekend.

The fun event had everything dad could ever want such as a wide variety of food trucks, fun games, live entertainment, and several different vendors.

The papa party even hosted two different competitions: a dad bod competition and an ugly tie competition.

While the sun was scorching Saturday, that did not stop the guests from having a good time celebrating an early Father’s Day with their family. Brandon Elliot said, “It’s such a great culture, the coast, you know? We’re not from here, but we live here amongst a lot of people from this area right now, and the ugly tie festival is just an awesome event, and we just came down to listen to the band — my girls are out there dancing a little bit — have some of the awesome food and just enjoy it. It’s an awesome time.”

The event was free for all guests to come and enjoy.