Second annual Jackson County State of the Economy Address

Finances and development was a key focus over in Jackson County as the Chamber of Commerce hosted their second annual State of the Economy Address this morning.

A variety of projects were discussed in the virtual meeting. Things like a multi-million dollar investment put towards a new manufacturing facility that’s now operational in Sunplex.

Also, a $30 million Rolls Royce Naval Marine Foundry Expansion that will develop 24 new highly skilled jobs.

These are just a few of the many projects in the works that makes Jackson County thrive. Merchant and Marine Bank President and CEO Clayton Legear said, “You can build, quite literally build, anything that you can dream of here in Jackson County, be that a new ship, a new piece of technology, or a new business or dream for your family. You can truly build that here. Not only can you build that here, we have people of all levels that can help equip you to do just that.”

Other projects included the re-activation of the Ingalls Shipbuilding on the east bank.

$4.1 billion was secured for new contracts in 2020. The current backlog of contracts is $12.9 billion.

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