SeaTrek Experience at the MS Aquarium allows guests up close look at marine life

You do not need to be a scuba diver or even know how to swim to enjoy this immersive experience at the Mississippi Aquarium.

The aquarium is offering discounted prices for its SeaTrek Experience. Guests can get an up close and personal look at fish, stingrays, sharks, and other marine life.

You are given a wet suit and a specially designed helmet that provides constant airflow, allowing you to breathe underwater while you’re eye-to-eye with the aquatic life.

Dive Team Member Michaela Fruci says the experience will leave you wanting more. “Some of my favorite remarks I ever get from guests is ‘wow, can I do that again’ or ‘wow, I want to get certified to go diving’ and that’s truly special for us as scuba divers because it means we’ve made a new ambassador of the ocean and somebody that wants to be underwater even more.”

The SeaTrek Experience is currently on sale at discounted rate of $69.95 per person.

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