Search and rescue dog training

Dogs are not just man’s best friend, they actually play a key role in any search and rescue effort. News 25’s Caroline Eaker was on hand Sunday as some of the pups from the Gulf Coast Search and Rescue Team did some training.
This is the face you want to see if you’re lost and need finding, Breezy, a certified search and rescue dog, and her trainer Sherri Kenton from Gulf Coast Search and Rescue are quite a team. “We assisted last week with the little two-year-old boy that was missing in Saucier and we have done some things like that. We just recently went on a search in Fairhope, Alabama too.”
These search and rescue dogs are their owner’s pets, but they are also highly-trained and love to work. Gulf Coast Search and Rescue Team Member Lee Seay said, “Doing some of the other stuff they kind of enjoy, but they are in charge in a lot of ways and we have to work for them. You know, understand what they are telling us, reading them, you know, we are more or less partners.”
These four-legged heroes are not the only ones that have to be trained. “We have courses in knot-tying, navigation, CPR, you know, just as much, if not more than what the dogs do. We have to be checked off and certified and pass the test as well,” said Seay.
The Gulf Coast Search and Rescue Team is all volunteers and they have training sessions like this one often to make sure they are ready to jump into action when disaster strikes. “I have worked on several cases with my dog, HR, as far as like cadaver work, drowning victims and everything. Mostly my dogs will do live finds like missing children and Alzheimer’s and stuff like that.”

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