The search for Jojo the kangaroo continues

Jojo’s owner is devastated that his beloved kangaroo is still missing. Today, News 25’s Kristen Anzuini sat down with him and talked about what he has been going through over the past several hours.

“It is hard to sleep at night knowing that a part of you is somewhere 45 minutes from your house, potentially in the woods, in the rain in the cold, scared, that is just really hard, that’s a hard pill to swallow when you are trying to go to bed at night.”

This is Cody Breland, the owner of Wild Acres in McHenry. Wednesday, he lost his one year old, male kangaroo, Jojo.

“I just really, really want him back, it’s hard because you raise these animals from little babies, you know, like Jojo was a bottle baby kangaroo he was in a fake pouch that I had to carry around with me and I bottle raised him, so you grow a bond with these animals,” says Breland.

Jojo escaped from Cody at an event at Pass Road Elementary School in Gulfport when the rain spooked many of his animals.

“You know we were trying to get all of the animals situated and get them back into the trailer and get everyone in their crates, and so much was going on and he flew right over my head,” explained Breland.

Jojo’s escape has gained a lot of attention on social media… And not all of it was positive. Like this post from Christian Lee, where he insinuated that he ate the kangaroo.

Breland responded, “Comments have been made in poor taste on Facebook, I’m not really concerned with them at this point because I just feel like my main concern is the whereabouts and the safety of Jojo and getting him home.”

If you see Jojo, call the Gulfport police and do not chase after him. If you spot Jojo in your back yard, close the fence if you have one. In Gulfport Kristen Anzuini News 25.


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