Search Continues for Suspect in Latimer Shooting

The search is still on for the alleged shooter in an argument that escalated into violence in Latimer over the weekend. "He better hope the police find him before I do.": Words of the alleged victim in Saturday’s shooting on Scott Street in Latimer County.

The victim did not wish to do an on camera interview, but tells News 25 the shooting happened after a dispute over a vehicle. Jackson County Sheriff, Mike Ezell, says, "Apparently, the shot was fired into the car, it knocked out the driver side glass, that’s where the person got their injury from, the glass was from the bullet. We are currently still investigating the case. We have one suspect we’re looking for."

Investigators have identified 34 year old Kintarus Tate as the shooter. After the shooting, the victim was able to escape to Tucker Road, where he contacted authorities. Ezell also says, "Officers responded and started to investigate and found out who the subject was in which we’ve been trying to follow up and locate him over the weekend."

The search for Tate is still on, and while authorities haven’t caught the suspect yet, the victim says his neighbors have seen Tate riding around the neighborhood in different cars. Because the victim’s injuries are minor, the Sheriff’s Department is considering reducing the attempted murder charge. Ezell closes, "The charge may be amended to aggravated assault from attempted murder. We’re still working on the case, but there is still an outstanding charge pending at this time."

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Tate, please contact the Sheriff’s Department at (228) 769-3063.

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