Sean Payton lobbying for instant replay at NFL owners meeting

Whether or not the New Orleans No Call was the worst officiating blunder in the history of professional sports is still up for debate. But Saints Head Coach Sean Payton is making sure it’s the most talked about officiating blunder now more than two months later.

Just tonight, it was announced that all pass interference calls and non-calls as well as all penalties or missed penalties are subject to challenge and replay review in 2019.

According to USA Today, the Bengals were the only dissenting vote in an otherwise unanimous decision.

Payton is a member of the league’s competition committee and has been lobbying for change at this week’s NFL owners meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

Of course, this all stems from the no call in New Orleans which saw the L.A. Rams reach the Super Bowl at the Saints’ expense.

Now that Payton got what he wanted, here’s his next order of business. “The group you work with and train with all year, I feel like needs to be the group that are staying together. So if your group is rated well enough, you officiate this playoff game. The idea of taking all these officials that haven’t worked together and putting them in a game sounded nice. But I think that had to do more with the missed call in our game than anything else.”

Payton is also pressing for officials to be full-time employees of the NFL. The owners meeting concludes tomorrow.

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