Seabees Return Home

For the past six months, dozens of friends and family members have been waiting for this day. Over 150 Seabees returned to the Coast and reunited with their loved ones.
As hours passed, Deanne Grant sat anxiously, waiting for the return of her husband. Today would be the day he would meet his two month old daughter, Abby, for the first time. “He has never met her. He was able to view her birth via Skype but other than that, it’s just been pictures. So, he’s very excited, as are we.”
For the past six months, Deanne’s husband has been stationed in another country as part of the Gulfport Seabees Naval Mobile Construction Battalion. Today, that six month deployment came to an end in an emotional return. “I’m just so happy that he’s here,” said Grant, “I’m just so happy that he’s here and that we are all together again. This is the best feeling ever.”
Like Deanne Grant, Courtney Hill also counted down the minutes before she could be the first to kiss her Seabee. Hill’s name was picked to share that first kiss with her husband as soon as he stepped foot off the bus. “Last year, I had to search for him and I remember crying to my friend saying ‘where is he? Where is he?’” said Hill, “So, now I’ll know exactly where he is. I won’t have to search through the buses for him. So, that will be special.”
Being separated from a friend or family member for six months would be hard for anyone to take. These men and women say that they get through with the help of their friends.
“You have to find a support system when you first get here and they’ll be your friends forever once you’re here. They go through the same thing. My friends back home don’t understand it like they do because they don’t go through it,” said Hill.
But for dozens of families tonight, they won’t have to go through that heartache as their Seabees join them at home, safe and sound.
During today’s reunion, one Seabee surprised his four year old son for his birthday.

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