Seabees Return Home

Emotions were high as nearly 300 Seabees stepped foot back on American soil earlier this afternoon.
Many were greeted by family members and loved ones with decorated signs welcoming the service men and women home. Members of the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion One were stationed for seven months at U.S. European and Pacific command centers.
The Seabees were thrilled to be reunited with their loved ones and are fortunate to be back in America. Jeffrey Baer and Corey Jarrelo are both returning home from deployment. “The excitement is just overwhelming right now, just being able to be back, seeing all the families and the families with their kids and just being back home with my own family,” said Baer.
“I’m just excited to be back home and get back to normal life. It’s been a long deployment and it’s been really rough on the spouses. I think we’re all ready to be back home and get back to American life,” said Jarrelo.
The battalion also supported operations in U.S. Central Command and the Horn of Africa.

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