Seabee Training Center 50th anniversary

Seabees and sailors took a walk down memory lane to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the training center at the Naval Construction Battalion Center.
The first commanding officer of the center revisited the school to tour the new facilities. Captain Retired Brian Leap arrived in Gulfport in July of 1967 and stayed for over two years. In that time, they processed about 9,000 men into the Navy Seabees. He tells News 25 the training center is completely different with advancements in technology and indoor classrooms with air conditioning.
Captain Leap became emotional when reminiscing about coming back to Gulfport after being on deployment and how much support the Seabees received from the community. “The mothers and wives of the Seabees with their babies, there were babysitters and cookies and ice cream and every Seabee that got off the plane could call anyone in the United States and the city paid for that. The community paid for it.”
This is the first step for many Seabees and sailors starting their career in military construction. They learn skills such as welding, building dry wall, and wood work.

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