Seabee NMCB 133 Homecoming

A big reunion took place in Gulfport Sunday as Seabee battalion 133 returned home to their loved ones the unit of more than 175 men and women have been deployed for 6 months, serving in over 39 countries around the world, and they’re finally home. The group has operated in support of multiple naval fleets over these past months, clocking over 30,000 man days. Returning Seabees tell News 25 it’s always emotional stepping off of that bus and finally seeing friends and family. Bryan Parnell tells News 25, “It’s a wonderful experience, and it’s an even better experience watching the joy that the troops have getting off of that bus, and also driving up, seeing the families and how excited they are to see their husbands and wives again.” Parnell says the Seabees look forward to the return of the remainder of their battalions with the upcoming turnover of NMCB.

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