Seabee Base Renovating Old Barracks Building

The Seabee Base in Gulfport will soon see a much needed construction project in one of their barracks. About 200 Seabees call the building home. Built in 1990, it’s in need of some tender loving care.

Now, a small Gulfport business has stepped up to repair the building, receiving an $8 million contract for the project this week. Commander Brian Nottingham of the Seabee Base says, "The exterior, the insulation, the windows, all of those things are going to be upgraded to create a tighter seal to improve that energy performance to keep with the Navy’s goals in improving energy performance."

While students at the Seabee Base may not see evidence of renovations out in the hallway, up in the ceiling is where the real work begins. Renovations will include replacing windows, resealing exterior joints, and concrete repairs.

These renovations will also mean a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing facility for Army, Navy, and Air Force students who live there, preparing to serve our country. Rodney Shelton, Unaccompanied Housing Manager, says, "It gives them a better place to come home to, better place to study, relax, and it just takes their mind off the daily grind of the school work."

Seabee leaders believe an upgraded facility for students will mean better work performance. Commander Nottingham closes, "Anytime you can improve the conditions of the facilities people work or live in, it’s a great help to them, and it improves their performance and improves their ability to support the mission or training they’re involved in."

While the Seabee Base is looking forward to the renovations of the barracks, city leaders are looking forward to the economic activity the $8 million contract will provide.

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