Sea Turtle Holiday Adoption

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift this holiday season, how about adopting a turtle?
The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies has rescued, rehabilitated and released 216 turtles this year, many of which are Kemp’s ridley turtles, the most endangered species in the world. Some of the turtles were too weak to be returned to the ocean before the cold weather comes through and they are being kept warm and safe at the institute.
For $25 to $100, you can adopt one of the turtles and keep up with its road to recovery. Education and Outreach Supervisor Mike Mashburn said, “We give them background information on the turtle. We let them know how it’s doing and once we release it, we’ll send them a release update.” Marine Biologist Andrew Heaton said, “It would help out a lot because there’s a lot of costs other than just picking up the turtle and keeping it here. The food costs a lot of money. Each set of blood work we take costs money. There’s the medication for all of these guys.”
To adopt, just go to and choose the package you want.

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