Scrapin’ the Coast

They’re cranking it up for the 16th annual Scrapin’ the Coast as low riders and other custom made vehicles make their way and park here in South Mississippi.

Car enthusiasts from down the road to out of state are rolling into the Coast this weekend and gearing up for what’s been labeled as the wildest car show in South Mississippi.  Some of them have already made it here. David Shulman spent Friday morning polishing up his ride for the show after a challenging ride from Dallas, Texas in his topless 1992 Chevy. “People didn’t believe I was actually going to drive it here. I went through three rain storms with no top,” said Shulman.

Featured in several advertisements and magazine covers, Shulman says this Chevy is one of the most photographed and popular trucks around. “It’s kind of been missing for ten years and it just reappeared so it’s kind of a piece of history of the customized truck world.”

With hundreds of thousands of dollars sunk into these vehicles, it’s no wonder this event has accelerated the way it has over the past 16 years. As technology has evolved so has the show. It’s been quite the experience for Scrapin’ the Coast Co-Founder Ronny Tolar, who has watched his vision turn into a popular event, drawing in thousands of people from all walks of life. “It’s really turned into a family event. It’s amazing watching families walk through the show.”

Being behind the wheel doesn’t come easy. In fact, for some at Scrapin’ the Coast, it’s a dream come true. “This car’s been a dream of mine for about 20 years and I finally made it happen,” said Shulman.

Get a front row seat to the show this Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Coast Coliseum.

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