Scrapin’ the Coast is on schedule this year with safety guidelines in place

With safety at the forefront, Scrapin’ the Coast is on schedule to take place this year.

Since 2002, hundreds of hot rods have been making way to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the annual ‘Scrapin’ the Coast.’ “We’ve gotten with the promoters. The event’s been with us for a very long time. It happens every year the last week in June. Once again, it’ll be back this year the last week of June.”

Despite the global pandemic, this year’s event has the green light with just a few alterations. Coast Coliseum Executive Director Matt McDonnell said, “With all the different protocols in place, we pretty much have figured out a way to allow the event to happen. The promoters of the event worked hard to make sure social distancing would be adhered to. They’re working through their registration to inform their guests as to what those protocols will be.”

McDonnell says this year those attending the event can expect temperature checks before entering the building, staff placed inside and out to ensure social distancing, and plenty of space between display cars for everyone’s enjoyment.

McDonnell says exercising extreme caution with all coliseum events is a top priority. “We have to do it in a safe way. That’s the key. Every event that we’re doing now we have to think about it a little bit differently as to how do we accommodate the different protocols that may or may not be in place at that time. While it’s only a little over four weeks away, we are preparing for what the protocols are today. Now if those change and they loosen up a little bit then that makes doing the event that much easier. When things get a little bit hard we’ll have to evaluate how we’ll handle those situations.”

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